About Me

My intrigue with tarot started when I was a little girl attending the Missouri State Fair. I entered a deep purple tent where a most exotic mysterious woman laid exquisite leather cards out before me. My travels around the globe have deepened my desire to explore the mysteries of our energetic universal connections through the story telling of tarot. Certifying in Angel tarot is a dream come to life and I continue my certification studies with tremendous light workers, pioneers, warriors and bad ass mentors.


We are all great works in progress. We are an amazing collective that can empower, inspire, heal and enlighten one another. My readings are guided by my Angel Guides and my intuition.  I am a light worker that uses multiple Oracle, Angel and Tarot cards in unique and traditional spreads. Let’s start a discussion.....


What To Expect

My promise to you:

I do not take lightly the responsibility of the energy we’re about to exchange.

It takes preparation, clearing and constant monitoring to ensure the connection maintains an uncluttered, unfettered, uninterrupted, uncorrupted interpretation. I maintain our free agency with reverence. I can illuminate a path on your road map and I embrace only the light. The road, the map, the journey and the work is respectfully yours and yours alone.

I am the keeper of storytelling and honor the trust given to me.

Namaste Mytribemydrum ☯ 

I am offering introductory readings over the phone with text pictures through Facebook messenger or Instagram DM. You participate by guiding your energy according to your comfort level. A Clarity Reading  at minimum, entails an ArchAngel Guide, an inspired Crystal protection and a three card spread with sensitive non traditional cards. A Tarot Clarity Reading includes an Angel Guide and at minimum a four to ten+ card spread with traditional tarot type card from decks I am guided to use.

My goal is to resonate with you and your particular question or search.